How the Future Happened
How the Future Happened is a journalistic investigation into the source of successful innovation--in America and around the world--following four iconic “innovation adventures” in genetics, social entrepreneurship, clean fuels and nanotachnology.
Bring Emma Home
Live Action Feature
At UC Berkeley, in September 2002, Ethan--an intense pre-law undergrad--is confronted by an ominous person from his past, Charles.  Charles is a San Francisco power broker, and the father of Ethan's high school sweetheart, Emma.  Three years before, Emma broke Ethan's heart when she fled the Bay Area, and her father's grip, for NYU.  Now she's AWOL in Indonesia.  Charles wants her back, and he blackmails Ethan to go to Bali and retrieve her.  But, when Ethan encounters Emma in Bali, everything changes.  Ethan's journey pits his commitment to career and success against his earstwhile dreams of changing the world--and Emma is the key.
Food Felony
Food Felony is a penetrating docmentary addressing the broken food system in America--investigating the “food science” employed to create sugar-based non-food marketed by food conglomerates to American children.

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